[Feature Request] Custom validators


It would be great if we would be able to add custom validator checks to trigger issues. We use Magento and there are Magento related issues that I am sure this tool would not find by default.

An example could be calling ->load() magic method within a foreach loop or creating a new block via php not xml.


Hey, Arturs!

Earlier today we had this request discussed directly at a team meeting. So the request is feasible, the backed we use can be updated to have Custom rules. Though I would not expect this feature to be implemented any time soon as it looks like a nice update to Personalized scanner that we have planned.

So here is the deal. As more and more companies are using the service it’s obvious that some companies want to have prioritized scanning for their repositories. That can be done by introducing Personalized scanning instances for each client. Then we can add the feature you’re requesting in the form of a web interface, so you can program your instance with the customized rules that you know will work for you the best.

Does it make sense?


Yes, it makes sense. Can you please tell me more about the Personalized scanning instances? Where (or when) can I get them?


Hi, Arturs.

At the moment we have several instances that serve the full scope of customers. So if anyone ads a repository or want to get a scanning update, the job is added into a single queue to be processed by these common scanning instances.

The idea of the dedicated scanning instances is that each customer gets personal queue. That means faster scanning of newly added repositories and shorter delay between re-scanning of existing codebase.

If it’s possible I propose to get to Skype, so we can quickly discuss your needs and find out how we can help. My Skype ID is live:gostev_7


Hey, Alex.

I’ve added you in Skype.