Personal promotion for software developer

Here goes a short but usable list of what a software developer can do to be visible in the net. This list is to start with. What’s your take on self-promotion, what works for you?

  • Get Certified. A good first step.
  • Write technical articles. Print or online; it doesn’t matter. Scott Mitchell and Rocky Lhotka have built careers using this approach in the .NET world.
  • Speak. Start by speaking at local developer events.
  • Blog. Joel Spolsky is the poster child for making a name for yourself as a blogger.
  • Win Awards. Microsoft’s MVP and ASPInsider awards come to mind. I’m not sure if there are equivalents on the Java/PHP side.
  • Contribute to Open Source Projects. Nothing is more impressive than saying you implemented feature X in a popular blogging engine.
  • Release your own free applications or utilities. Have you heard of LINQPad or Reflector? Suffice to say these developers have earned major clout in their circles.