Release day! Thanks fellows from around the world!

We’re happy to announce that the stable and fully usable version of delivered.

Thanks to all that software developers worldwide who helped us to test the idea and the software during the process of development.

So what’s the about?

Due rank is the community of developers that are for better coding standards.

Why to participate?

If you have a codebase that you’re proud of or you would like to get your code quality quantified, get in! As it’s the the mission on improving quality of coding worldwide, it’s important for a good effort to be visible. That’s why due rank offers achievements (downloadable badges and certificates) to anyone who develops the code of relatively high quality in his region or comparing to developers worldwide.


Due rank is working with open source code only. If you’d like to scan the private codebase (possibly of your company), please contact us at so we can offer you possibilities regarding our expertise.