V. 1.3 New in December 2018

Long story short

Added one more value for registered users - TOP-5 issues in the repository. Achievements can be added as certificates on LinkedIn. From now we scan code on written on Ruby.

Ability to add achievements as Certificates to LinkedIn

Adding certificate with no hassle explained in this short video:

List of top issues for each repository to know what should be fixed to get better

You’ll get 5 most severe issues for each repository that you’ve added. After fixing them, you could initiate a re-scan and check if they still exist.

Each issue is followed by a detailed explainer:

Why to register? Explained.

Social sharing of the profile

Social shares for Mission page

Loader doesn’t blink anymore as you surf around the website

We had this problem for a while. Fixed.

Added support of Ruby

Welcoming Ruby developers. You’re in the game! Check your code, the registration is free and is undemanding.