Version 2.0 • Released 2018-03-19

Hi, all!

We created a bunch of new features at the scale that we feel that 2.0 is well deserved:

  • With 2 new ratios (C/KLOC, D/KLOC) it’s easier to spot trends and changes in time series, as the calculation is irrelevant to a LOC number.
  • Showing merge requests add more context to the development process.
  • The next big thing is the loading time for charts, it decreased significantly due to different UX approach. Nevertheless, it should be noted that an amount of data shown influences the loading time. The axiom.

List of changes:

  • 2 new ratios added: C/KLOC, D/KLOC
  • Tracking merge requests
  • Show merge requests in the commits tab
  • Presets added to dashboard charts
  • Separate date-picker for project header
  • Each manager dashboard chart refers to a relevant tab
  • In charts year on the timeline changed from YYYY to YY
  • Team members shown on a Teams tab