Which team does the better job?

2 teams were working on the project by the day. The question remains, was changing the team the good move, does the new team do the job better? Despite personal preferences and impression, could code analysis help? Yes, we have a clear answer!


Looking at the overall code quality performance (a ratio between lines of code written and Technical Debt accumulated) changed to better with the new team. The trend switched immediately after the previous team was replaced. Before Technical Debt ratio was growing (which is bad), after the new team stepped up, code quality started to improve immediately.

Additional kudos to the second team is for keeping the code quality at a steady pace with no shocks or booms.
After checking quantitative data, we can see that Team 2 go away with much fewer code duplicates preferring coding to copy-paste that is the coding pattern that should be followed.

Keep working with the Team 2 on the project as they produce code of a higher quality than the Team 1 and keeping this quality constant over the project timeline.

The development team that works on a project highly influence the resulting outcome. At least it’s the codebase that cost least to maintain, at most the overall viability of the software business is at stake.